#MyMontreal – Laurence Fournier Beaudry & Nikolaj Sorensen

The 2019 Canadian Tire National Skating Championships senior ice dance bronze medallists, Laurence Fournier Beaudry and Nikolaj Sorensen, share with us their favourite spots and activities in their home city of Montreal ahead of the 2020 ISU World Figure Skating Championships

1. What is your favourite restaurant in Montreal?

Laurence: Everyday favourite estaurant: « Ma Poule Mouillée », best Portuguese chicken in town with AMAZING Piri-piri sauce.  They also have the best poutine for those who want to try it, which is topped with Portuguese chicken and chorizo. It’s a nice location for a walk on the Plateau Mont-Royal close to Lafontaine Park.

Special Night: “Portus 360”, a great Portuguese seafood and meat place where the restaurant is on the 31st floor of the building.  The restaurant offers a 360-degree panoramic view of the whole restaurant and it rotates WHILE we eat!!

Bar & Restaurant: “Le Majestique”, the best place to eat and have a drink with friends with their amazing 12 inch hot dog and crispy fries, and their mackerel cream.

Nikolaj: There are too many to name but, let me start with Joe Beef (dinner) & Arthurs Nosh Bar(Lunch). Both are on Notre Dame Street in Montreal, there are half a dozen more on Notre Dame. It’s the street to visit if you want a good meal.

Portus 360 can be a very nice restaurant to visit, its fancy Portuguese cuisine on the 31st floor (top of the building) with a floor that turns 360 every 60 mins. A good place to see the city while enjoying a nice meal.

2. What is your favourite dessert place in Montreal?

Laurence: We don’t often go out for dessert but if we feel like something sweet, we go to “La Diperie” for ice cream with more than 30 different chocolate flavored toppings.

Nikolaj: La Diperie, if you’re into soft serve or ice cream sandwiches this is your spot. I don’t go often but when I do, I’m not disappointed!

3. What is your favourite activity away from the rink in Montreal?

Laurence: Visit the small food shops and food market to buy fresh food.

4. What is your favourite place to shop in Montreal?

v: I don’t shop often but I love to go to Fruits & Passion , it’s a body care and fine fragrance shop. I love perfumes, body lotions, candles; anything that smells good. J

Nikolaj: I really don’t shop very much, but I recommend spending some time around St Catherine’s street downtown. There is a multitude of stores all within walking distance, plus the mall (Eaton Center). Most of my own shopping however is probably in the various Marshalls and Winners. 🙂 

5. What is your favourite winter activity in Montreal? Summer?

Laurence: Summer: swimming, going on hikes, strawberry picking, visiting the market for seasonal fruits & vegetables
Winter: skiing (cross-country skiing, alpine skiing), watching a movie with family, going to get coffee where there’s a fireplace

6. Is there anything specific fans should know about Montreal?

Laurence: Montreal has the best maple products as it originates from the Quebec province. Maple syrup, maple butter, maple pies…
There are A LOT of museums and activities all year round and the food is very diversified.
There are amazing concerts in our Place des Arts/ Maison Symphonique.

Nikolaj: I believe it’s one of, if not the city with the highest concentration of people who speak three languages!

7. What is the most exciting thing about living in Montreal?

Laurence: There are so many activities, festivals, concerts, courses, restaurants, etc. There’s pretty much everything we need and everything we would want to do! Plus, we have the chance to experience the four seasons with all the activities going with it!

Nikolaj: I think the fact that we have so many trilingual here in Montreal is really exciting. It speaks to the city’s diversity and many different cultures that people can experience when visiting here.
There is a place for everyone, and I really admire that about Montreal and Canada in general.

8. Where is the best selfie location in Montreal?

Laurence: On the Mont Royal, with the whole view of Montreal, during the day and/or at night (with the whole city lit!).

Nikolaj: Either at the lookout or the Mount Royal Chalet, both places are situated on the peak of Mount Royal. Also climbing the stairs and looking over the city from another angle at the Saint Joseph Oratory can be very nice, especially at night.

9. If someone only had one day in Montreal, what are some things you would recommend them doing/seeing?

Laurence: The best way would be to take a one day metro pass and go around the best spots in the city; go on top of the Mount-Royal to see the whole view on Montreal, walk down in the Old Port and sit down to have lunch in the restaurant “Olive et Gourmando”, go visit the Notre-Dame-Basilic-Church, walk on St-Denis Street, go on Sainte-Catherine Street close to the Eaton Center to go shopping.

Nikolaj: First make sure you go to either location on the Mount Royal and get a nice view of the whole city! That’s always fun for people. Then I would definitely get to the Old Port to enjoy the architecture of the old buildings. Those are pretty rare here in North America. Those 2 are a given!

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